Current situation and Tricks to Waking Up Early

I had a moment when I felt like writing a new post because I was on a roll.


Being a second-year journalism student is difficult but it isn’t the end of the world. You get more practical and hands-on opportunities although it does get kind of frustrating sometimes when you’re given a same day deadline assignment.

During the past three months of settling in with the program, I realized that I’ve gotten more comfortable with it although I still get very anxious. I don’t have a lot to do besides eat, sleep, study, dance and repeat. I don’t talk to a lot of people for long periods of time here unless I want to. I actually don’t talk to a lot of people here in general unless I need to. It’s weird and it sounds a bit worrying because it sounds like I have no close friends here. I realised I tend to brush these feelings off. I’m very driven by completing my assignments and doing what I have to do. I actually like the fact that I’m doing that because it really distracts me from worrying about my social life. That may not sound healthy.

I honestly do feel that there are other people who are doing this more than me, which sometimes makes me question whether I’m doing enough. I’ve been trying to make time to relax but in my mind, I get anxious instead because to me, if I can relax, it means I have time to do assignments and do what I need to much earlier than I can do. Then again, I’m not as motivated to start early so that can be bad because then, I get more stressed out about trying to complete everything on time.

I wake up almost every day at 7.30AM and sleep at 12.30-1AM.

A lot of people ask me how I do it. Honestly, I find that it’s good to remind yourself why you’re waking up.

People ask me how I do it, I honestly can make a list about it. You know what, let’s do it, let’s make a list. List make me feel good. I went crazy one day when I found out you can do it on Twitter. Okay, I’m rambling but anyways… These are my tricks of waking up early.

P.S.: It doesn’t necessarily work on everyone but it’s always worth a try.

1. Write a schedule for the following day, a day before.

I tend to do this when I know I’m going to have a really busy day. It helps me relax because I’m not thinking about what’s coming up next when I have it written down somewhere. This seriously lets me sleep with ease. When I’m planning something the next day and trying to remember it for the next day, it can be stressful with so many thoughts in your head and prevent you from relaxing enough to sleep.

2. Find motivation

Everyone has some form of motivation or drive to start their day. For me, it’s so I can sleep earlier and possibly longer. I feel more things can be done in the day. You can do more than five things in a day besides eating and resting. When it’s night, I tend to get really tired and be less driven to do anything because I just want to rest from a long day. When I wake up early, I feel like I also have more time to do things. Let’s say you have a really big assignment due in a five weeks but you want to have time to relax in between, so you wake up early everyday for three weeks before the deadline, start working on it early in the day and then take breaks in between.

3. Get into a routine

This is key. I try to make a routine into a habit because as the saying goes, “old habits die hard.” In this case, if it’s not a old habit, make it one. It takes practice but it’s okay, just refer to point one and two.

4. Define your goals

Just like a checklist and this list, figure out what you want to do. This is similar to point two in a sense that these goals have to be your motivation in getting something done. I personally like having little goals each time that lead up to one major goals, simply like baby-steps.

5. Remind yourself who and what is at stake

Sounds pretty dramatic and scary but it works for some people. Remind yourself the repercussions and the affects of you acting a certain way. For me, my stake is making myself feel proud of the goals I’ve achieved and making other people happy when they see me happy. I know this can be stressful as you’re basically putting pressure on yourself. Do it when you need to but don’t always think you’re the blame for everything. Remind yourself that you have a part in something but when you don’t do it completely, don’t blame and hurt yourself too much for it.

I think that concludes my five tricks for waking up early but it looks like it can be for anything general to just make sure you get things done. Heh.

With that, I conclude this post.

Current situation and Tricks to Waking Up Early