Quebec City: As close to Europe as I’m going to get

I’ve finally gotten myself to sit down and write about my favourite city in Canada, Quebec City. Without further ado, let’s begin!

For the past year, I have not gone to anywhere for a proper vacation (unless you count going home as one) and absolutely longed for one. Having heard the city’s resemblance to many western European countries such as France and England, I knew I had to visit Quebéc over the summer. It had all the old buildings and #ootd spots I ever wanted, wasn’t too far from Ottawa, and wasn’t extremely expensive (except for eating out).

Esther and I on one Parks Canada Outdoors Club trip. 😉

Esther and I planned this trip few months before July. I happily did all the logistics because I was way too excited to be going to Quebéc and was very specific on what I wanted to. Thankfully, Esther went along with it.

Day One

L-R: Our train from Ottawa to Quebec City; Quebec City’s Train Station

From day one of arriving into the city, everything “shook” us. Immediately after arriving and exiting the train station, we so how European or at least 17th century the city was. Everything look beautiful, including the train station, and was so aesthetically pleasing.We immediately checked into the hotel after a long 6-hour train ride and quickly hunted for places to eat. We didn’t really have many options, and somehow noticed the large amount of Irish pubs and Italian restaurants everywhere. Clearly not interested in any of those options, we opted to cook dinner and so we did before crashing to our beds.

Day Two

Having planned the entirety of the trip, we started our first official touristy adventure, bright and early, with the National Assembly of Quebéc/Hotel du Parlement. We had a lovely guided tour led by the charming Alexandre – Esther and I low-key fangirled because of his good looks great tour guiding skills.

L-R: Legislative Council Chamber; ceiling painting in Legislative Council Chamber; The National Assembly

Nevertheless, the tour was informational and well done. The building’s interior was more remarkable than the Parliament in Ottawa, except for its library. Among the little highlights we had during the tour was when Alexandre seemed impressed that I knew the name of Quebéc’s premier. Haha!

Le Parlementaire, the restaurant inside the building

After the Parliament, we walked around the area until we go to the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (Château Frontenac, for short). It was a key destination for me because of the castle-like exterior and of course, our first stop to one of the Korean drama Goblin’s film site. Huehuehue! The Château is incredibly magnificent and walking along its terrace was so relaxing, especially with such a beautiful day. I took tons of photos, and taught Esther how to take nicer photos because I perfectionist and extra like that.

Views from the Terrace and a photo of us with the Château behind us

We frolicked around some more while looking for food before bumping into La Boutique de Noel (another Goblin film site). It was a very quaint and pretty Christmas store. So for all those for are obsessed with Christmas no matter the time of the year, I’d say check it out. I saw a few Koreans in there making reference to Goblin as well.

Mandatory photo outside of a Goblin film site, La Boutique de Noel

Basilique Cathedral Notra Dame was next door so we entered our first cathedral of the trip. It was for the most part, under construction, but somehow Esther didn’t realize that and asked me “What do you mean it’s under construction?”

“What do you mean it’s under construction?” – Esther Vininsky-Oakes, July 2017.

Hunting for lunch was definitely a struggle – there was little to no vegetarian options available. We tried Cafe Baude because it had a vege burger – the food sucked so bad. I was feeling so Gordon Ramsay-like that I’d wanted to cuss at everything. Esther of course, felt a lot more pissed than me. We were truly disappointed by the food although the waiter was really nice. Imo, just don’t go there.

Avoid at all cost!

To cleanse our souls palette, we returned to the Château’s terrace and had the ice cream Esther was massively craving. She specifically wanted ice cream from that store next to the Château because 10 years ago, she visited the exact same store and had amazing ice cream. It was nice and our moods were lifted.

Ice cream!
Me infront of the door that Ji Eun-Tak followed Kim Shin through (A Goblin filmsite)

Unsure of where to head next, we somehow stumbled upon our favourite street of all time – Rue Petit-du-Champlain (Goblin film site #3).

Rue Petit-du-Champlain

It’s a beautiful alley that fulfilled our dreams of visiting somewhere with a Parisian atmosphere. We just hung around here until the day ended because it was really gorgeous.

Day Three

Another must-visit we managed to check out was Le Citadelle du Quebéc where you’ll learn about the province’s military history and its Royal 22e Régiment, the Canadian Forces’ only French-language regular force infantry regiment. This fortress was built between 1820 and 1850, and is the largest British fortress built in North America.

Inside the Citadelle

There’s a guided tour available, which Esther and I found very informative.

We also managed to witness the Changing of the Guards at 10am, which is pretty unique for it’s the only one that conducts it in French and has a Tibetan goat named Batiste as its mascot. I swear the goat is definitely worth seeing in real life.

Clockwise: View from one of the tour stops and down there was another place they filmed Goblin; Esther and I; Changing of the Guard ceremony begins; Batiste the Tibetan Goat (22nd Regiment’s mascot )

We returned to Rue Petit-du-Champlain for an early lunch at Le Lapin Saute. Man – that place is so Parisian and of course, touristy. 😛

Esther and I at Le Lapin Saute

The whole environment was so extra with its ambience and service – I loved it. They serve rabbit meat hence the name “Le Lapin Saute,” which is also a play on words according to Esther. I even gave the waiter, Maxime, the biggest tip I’d ever given cause he was A+. I

Esther’s vegetarian pasta and my beef stew

Once lunch was done, we continued to stroll back and forth on the street because we love the street so much. We eventually made our way down to a quay on Corridor du Littoral. Esther took a break by doing some yoga (and reapply sunblock/sunscreen lotion ) while I enjoyed the breeze on the quay.

L-R: The Quay; view from the quay where you can see the Château and maybe Esther doing some yoga.

Towards the end of the day, we went for a guided tour of the Fortification of Quebec. Our tour guide was Arnaudt, and he was pretty funny. The tour was definitely worth your money – it’s $4.90 for a 90-minute guided tour. We got to see and enter amazing archaeological sites taken care by Parks Canada, including the fortification walls that’s right next to the Citadelle.

L-R: Remains of an old building, the view from one of the tour stops, and inside the fortifications that isn’t part of the Citadelle.

We eventually made our way back to our hostel but stopped occasionally to shop on Rue St. Jean. I’m glad we did because we stumbled upon the most charming second-hand book store called La Rêverie. It’s run by an old man who is super friendly and cute. I 100% recommend anyone to visit the bookstore, talk to him, and buy something there. The old man’s the sweetest old man I’ve ever talked to.

L-R: La Reverie, off Ru St. Jean; inside the bookstore; the grandpa talking to Esther.

Day Four

A little different start to the day as we didn’t actually walk to our destination – Montmorency Falls – as it was too far. It’s a beautiful place to go for a little stroll or hike. It’s about a 40-minute bus ride and was quite worth it.

Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

There’s not much for me to say about it besides that it’s a very easy hike. It’s a great place to get out to if you’re sick of being in downtown Quebéc. It’ll still be crowded but not as crowded as the Château in the afternoon.

After a really hearty breakfast at L’Accent, we checked out the two most British landmarks in Quebéc – Holy Trinity Cathedral and Morrin Centre.

Breakfast was really good and filling for both me and Esther

The cathedral was pretty cool as it was the first Anglican church found and built outside of England. You also get to see some old golden treasures, which looked so beautiful. There’s not much in it but when we were there, there was a little market in its courtyard.

Inside the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

One of the most fascinating visits for the trip was the Morrin Centre. There you’ll learn about the English-speaking population of Quebéc.

Morrin Centre

The Morrin Centre has a long and interesting history dating back to the 18th century. It’s definitely worth a visit and I highly recommend it. From what I remember, it was first a military barrack, a reform jail and a school (Yes, a jail became a school). Now, it stands as an active library and a heritage site.

The jail section of the Morrin Centre

My words won’t give it justice to the complex and rich history the tour will give. It was the city’s common jail from 1812-1868, and in 1862, it became the Morrin College, Quebec City’s first English-language institute of higher education. The Morrin College was one of the earliest institution to allow women for higher learning in Canada, and had affiliations to McGill University.

Clockwise: Ballroom; chemistry lab; the library; books in the library.

Day Five

It was raining and thankfully, we didn’t have to do much that day since we had super hectic four days already. We checked out Le Musée de Civilisation (the Museum of Civilization) because TripAdvisor gave it good reviews.

L-R: Like Cat and Dog Exhibition; Esther so dead; Spot the Esther

Out of the museums I’ve been to in Canada, I’d say this is one of the more memorable ones. They said really enlightening and engaging exhibitions such as one on dogs and cats, optical illusions, and the First Nations and Inuit community. Truly amazing and truly beautiful.

L-R: Observe – More than Meets the Eyes part 1; Observe – More than Meets the Eyes part 2;Dress of Nations

They were also having a TinTin exhibition but because it costed a little bit extra, we didn’t bother checking it out. From what I’ve seen in photos, they look cute.

Super excited to check out the museum!

For lunch, we had crêpes at Le Casse-Crêpe Breton. In my opinion, the crépes tasted average and I don’t think it’s worth the wait. Their Granny’s Hot Chocolate was pretty good though.

Clockwise: Granny’s Hot Chocolate; some crêpes

We returned to the Château later that day where I sent post cards out inside the Château like Eun-Tak did in Goblin, and had our final ice cream in the city.

Sending postcards! 😀
Yum, yum!

We also entered one of the free museums (Free with the Parks Canada Pass) underneath the Terrace. It’s one where you’ll get to be up close and personal with archaeological artifacts and ruins. You’ll also get to dress up as people from the 17th century, which is super cute.

To summarize this trip, it was truly amazing but a bit more on the pricey side when it came to food. Would I visit again? 100% yes. Esther already told me quite a few times that she wants to visit in the winter… So we’ll have to see when I can visit Quebec again and wait until Esther gets back from her exchange in Edinburgh.

Quebec City: As close to Europe as I’m going to get

Merci, Montréal!

St. John’s: Done
Montreal: Let’s Go!


As you can probably tell, I used the Via Rail Train instead of the Greyhound bus. I chose to take the train this time around because I wanted to use a different form of transportation. In all honesty, I’m glad I took the train. The seats were more comfortable, spacious with more legroom and you get to choose your seats. I, of course, picked the window seat. Oh, the ride was half-an-hour shorter than if you took the bus, so WIN! 😀 I couldn’t wait to see Montreal so got to pick the second earliest train to make sure I’d get my three full days in Montreal.

montreal-01Do note that it might a bit pricey if you picked a peak time to go. But if you buy your tickets on a Tuesday, it supposedly cheaper.

Upon my arrival, I noticed the differences of my surrounding between Ottawa and Montreal immediately. Montreal was awe-inspiring. The buildings had more history, character and style. There were rusty abandoned buildings, colonial-style terraces and so on. Since Montreal is a French-speaking city, one can’t help notice the Francophones conversing. The whole vibe I was getting was distinct compared to the rest of the Anglophone speaking places I’ve visited in Canada.

After dumping my luggage and stuff at Caryn and Yunyi’s place, we went to Jardin Nelson (Nelson Garden) to have some lunch.

Jardin Nelson

Honestly, the interior of this restaurant is beautiful. It seriously felt like I was in Paris with the whole fancy French garden experience. There was also live Jazz music playing which added to the Parisian feel. I swear this is the closest to France I’m going to get. The ambience was great and the Francophone waiters/waitresses greeted us well.

Since Caryn and I can’t speak French, we allowed Yunyi to do most of the talking after we decided what we wanted to eat.

Clockwise: Parnier de Bruschetta Maison, Cannolli au Four Maison and Patae Chinois Au Canard.

We ordered Parnier de Bruschetta Maison, Patae Chinois Au Canard and Cannolli au Four Maison to share.

I would say the Bruschetta and the Cannolli were decent but the Patae was not to my taste. Honestly, the food was alright and a bit hyped. Sure, the ambience was amazing but the food lacked flavour.

It started raining after lunch as we left and so exploring Old Port was kicked off the itinerary while we tried to find refuge somewhere. We sought shelter at Montreal’s famous Basilica Notre Dame. You have to pay $5 per entry and I was like “Who pays to go to church?” Apparently, tourists because my, oh my… The interior was majestic.

Chapel of Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)

I hope the photo gives you an idea of how magnificent the interior is. It’s Gothic Revival craftsmanship was complex and splendidly presented with lights shining from below giving this church a grandeur feel. It really made me want to say… “Take me to church.”

Although it was truly a magnificent sight, I couldn’t stay inside the church admiring it for too long because it was too crowded inside. Hence, we left and head to C’Chocolat for dessert.

Matcha Matcha Man

We tried the Matcha Matcha Man, C’Wow and their Chocolate Souffle. Matcha Matcha Man was too sweet for me and if it was less sweet, it’d be more enjoyable. The souffle wasn’t anything special to shout about. The C’Wow however… Impressive.

We stayed there for about two hours to chat, hoping the rain would stop but it didn’t and we just went back home to prepare dinner.

day two

This time around, Caryn and I woke up early to head to Macdonald campus of McGill University. It was a two-hour journey via the subway and the bus. It’s on the western end of the Island of Montreal.

Posing in front of the St. Louis Lake

Thankfully, it was sunny out today and so we managed to stroll around the area. It was very much spacious compared to the downtown campus and I just used the WiFi to play some Pokemon Go while Caryn settled her stuff.

We head to lunch at Schwartz’s Deli. It’s a famous 80-year-old deli that has served the likes of numerous celebrities including Celine Dion. I must say, it is really famous.


They’re extremely famous for their Jewish Montreal-style smoked meat and is usually served as a sandwich. Of course, you can order it to-go as well.

The Famous Smoked Beef Sandwich served with Mustard and Rye Bread

I dare say, this is worth the hype. It’s definitely worth lining up under the hot sun for. Oh my gosh, it was delicious. The blend of the smoked meat with the mustard tastes amazing. I wished I could’ve tapao some and bring back to Ottawa. This was so far one of the best food I’ve had in Canada.

We later walked around the area in hopes of finding a dessert store but that didn’t happen as the one we wanted to go to was closed. 😦

Murals around the area

Because we didn’t manage to tour around Old Port yesterday, we’d thought today was the day and yes, it was.

We went back to Notre Dame to just view the architecture of it from the outside. I wasn’t going to pay 5$ this time to go inside because I went yesterday but when I come back, I’ll pay the 5$. 😛

Basilica Notre Dame behind me | Wearing So Basic Scuba Top from Peep Boutique

We continued walking towards Old Port and enjoyed the views along the St. Lawrence River. Unlike most people, we took out our umbrellas as it was too hot to walk without a cap.

Trying to find out what the building is | Habitat 67 from a distance | Fun, fun activities for the family
Caryn and I taking a break from the walking and hot sun
Xiao Long Bao at Sammi & Soupe Dumpling

For dinner, we went to Sammi & Soupe Dumpling along Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. The Xiao Long Bao’s skin was thicker than usual but it was still good. We also ordered the Fried Pork and Green Onion dumplings. That was too oily and greasy, it made me feel so guilty eating it.

Once we were done with dinner, we head and fulfilled my long-awaited visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the Pompeii exhibition.

If you don’t know, Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city in Italy that was buried by the ash and pumice of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The exhibition presents artifacts and an simulation of the situation from the event.

montreal-32 Since it was a Wednesday night, admission price was only 10$ unlike the usual admission fee which is 12$-20$. Needless to say, the museum was packed! Packed, packed, paaaaaaaaaaaaaaacked.

Some Roman art sculptures from different periods of history.

The exhibition was still pretty fascinating—they had sculptures, frescoes and mosaics from the Archaic period and so on.

Frescoes and mosaics

But the artifacts that I most wanted to see were the Pompeii plaster casts of the volcano eruption victims.

Pompeii Plaster Casts
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

It was pretty eerie looking at it but it definitely gave us a sense of how helpless these people were from the volcano eruption.

day three
Caryn and I at Downtown campus of McGill University | Wearing Black culottes from Peep Boutique
Caryn and I at Downtown campus of McGill University | Wearing Black culottes from Peep Boutique

On my last day, we began with a rough tour of McGill University in downtown. The buildings here are older and preserved well.

Caryn and I at the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Building
Looking super studious in this library | Wearing Black Culottes from Peep Boutique

I really liked the library here. It was huge and was nicely arranged with different places specifically for different uses. The library also has a lot of resources including newspaper from different provinces and different countries which is rather impressive.

We later hiked up Mont Royal. The hike was rather easy but because I was in the wrong attire, it was slightly difficult.

View from Mont Royal
Caryn, Yunyi and me!
Casually walking out of the Chalet du Mont Royal
Inside the Chalet du Mont Royal

For the longest time, I was imagining this chalet hosted numerous of fancy dinner parties in the olden days until I found out that this chalet was recently built. -_- #dreamscrushed

Meet Baika, the Border Colli and Husky Mixed Dog 😉
Selfie because I was happy with my make up

After descending Mont Royal, we went to Yokato Yobai Ramen for lunch. I was very excited for this lunch because… RAMEN.

One of the many entrances
Ramen menu
One of the sections of the ramen restaurant
The bar

The ambience was pretty cozy, artsy and Izakaya-ish. I believe this restaurant is also part-Izakaya which would make sense. I explored around the area and was really fascinated by the large space they have.

The ordering system here is a bit different. They provide you with a paper to fill up your order individually. So one person, gets one paper and you can add however many extra stuff you want with the cost.

Pork Tonkotsu Ramen

Overall, my ramen broth had a milky texture but it wasn’t a heavy broth. Thankfully, it was not salty although it was normal saltiness which is great. In my opinion, the flavor was a bit mild compared to the other ramen I’ve tried in other places. Chasiew was fatty and tasty too. I also ordered the salad and well, it’s a salad. Yunyi ordered the karaage and it was tasty. Oily but tasty!

After lunch, we needed to walk it off and so we went to Habitat 67. It took us 20 minutes to get there from the closest bus stop and what a walk it was…

Habitat 67

Habitat 67 is basically a collection of condo cubes. It’s an alright place to visit, really nothing much. I wouldn’t go there to just admire the architecture, it’s just not my cup of tea. It’s just really cool to look at the interior of people’s living area. I was thinking it’d be inconvenient to live there if you don’t have your own car as it’s so far from everywhere and there are no bus stops close by.

Once we were done with that, we head back for me to do some last minute packing and showering before I left this gorgeous city and Caryn. -sobs-

Sad, I was sad.
Canal de Lachine

The ride back home was rather melancholic because the sunset happened. Look at it. 😦 So gorgeous that it makes you think deeply about life.

Gorgeous sunset on the way back to Ottawa

Yeap, basically that was it from my Montreal. Rather short trip BUT I WILL SURELY RETURN. It’s only two hours away. 😀 That is all from me now~ Bai bai!

Merci, Montréal!

Wandering Around Hotspots of Singapore

Today’s OOTD theme: Day to Night Day Two of Touristy Things! Started the day strong with breakfast at Forty Hands! I ordered the Eggs Benedict with organic bacon, sautéed baby spinach with side of spicy roasted potatoes alongside a Mocha while my sister (Wei Ni) had the Eggs Cocotte (Free-range poached eggs, sautéed spinach, Portobello mushrooms, truffle oil, homemade toast) with a piccolo latte.

Clockwise: The smaller cup is the latter while the larger cup is the Mocha | Eggs Benedict | Eggs Cocotte
My super tasty breakfast!

I honestly thought the food was super tasty and by far, the best food served from a “hipster” cafe. Up till this day, I’m still craving for it, especially the roasted spicy potatoes with the bacon, eggs and errything! The Mochas was really filling for me, taste wise it was on the bitter side but not too bitter for me to go “ew, this is too coffee like. I don’t like coffee”. Anyways, Fortyhands is really small so you won’t be able to comfortably hang out with your friends for long. So just eat-and-go! Done with breakfast, time to begin touristy activities! We first went to Orchard Road because I’ve heard like so much hoo-ha about it but I’ve never really been there. I actually thought it was like Sungai Wang but I was wrong, it’s a Pavilion! #fail Since we were there rather early (just when the stores were opening), it wasn’t crowded so it was pretty easy to browse through the stores with no fuss!

Some cute soft toys and an awesome graphic tile we saw at 313@Somerset

We walked around for a bit, checked out the major retailers including the infamous Abercrombie & Fitch. They had really nice clothes but oh man, their store had this really bad intoxicating smell all around their store. It’s their signature perfume smell but it was just too much. I don’t think I could ever work there… Just… Ugh, no! We also had some ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery. My sister and I shared the Mud Pie Mojo because it was going to be lunch time soon.

Cold Stone Creamy Signature Ice Creams | Mud Pie Mojo, uhm uhm GOOD!

The Mud Pie Mojo was glorious. Ahmaigad, I want more of their ice-creams! They need to bring Cold Stone over to Malaysia, please! The mix of coffee ice cream, oreo, peanut butter, roasted almonds & fudge was amazing. I don’t know what to say, all I know is that… I. Want. More! Oh, it was quite filling since there were a lot of heavy ingredients inside. We did more walking but ended up not buy anything except a few pairs of socks from Cotton On that were on sale. We had lunch shortly after that at P.S Cafe, Paragon. From the reviews I’ve read, P.S Cafe is always crowded so my sister and I thought it was going to be a long wait. But that wasn’t the case because of their really cool queuing up/walk-in reservation system. The only line for you to q-up was to leave your phone number into the iPad prepared, along with your name and number of people then you leave to do whatever you want. When a table opens up, the app from the iPad will automatically call you and you can return to the restaurant to order and eat! I don’t know about you guys but I thought it was really cool since we don’t often see this around. I was still kind of full from the ice cream so I couldn’t really decide on what to eat and ordered a pasta, Smokey Tomato Rigatoni. I didn’t take a photo of it because the presentation wasn’t spectacular.

My sister’s Bangers & Cauliflower Pea Mash

I personally felt that I ordered the wrong dish as I wasn’t impressed by the pasta or maybe I was just too full to eat. My sister’s dish was comparatively better however the ambience and the service was really good. The staff was very, very efficient and I loved how they served cucumber & fruit infused water. On our way to the MRT station, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Gundams! I didn’t even know they would be in SINGAPORE! Not many people know but I am a fan of Gundams. I’ve watched a few Gundam series and am still in love with it although I haven’t watched the latest one. Heh. My sister and I didn’t enter the exhibition hall but snapped some photos outside with the Gundam and Zakus instead.

MS-06 Zaku II | RX-78-2 Gundam

I’m wearing the Cold Shoulder Crop Top in Blue & Paperbag Writer Shorts in Black for a more casual and daytime look.

Selfie with a Zaku
Selfie with a Zaku

We made our way to the hipster central of Singapore, Haji Lane. We didn’t do much there either but enjoyed the murals and artworks around the area. Of course, we took some photos too!luixia-tiongbahru-fortyhands-orchardroad-hajilane-gardensbythebay-04

My sister is wearing the Emily Flutter Top with pleather shorts.
Wider view of the awesome mural

We finally head down to our last destination of the day, Gardens by the Bay! Hoorah! I’ve heard so many things about its beauty and seen so many photos of the Supertrees that I knew I just had to visit the gardens. Funny thing is my sister really wanted to go see the Supertrees at the gardens but didn’t know what it was called so she continuously used hand gestures to describe the Supertrees. Anyways, to get to the gardens is pretty easy, easier than the route that Google Maps provided me with. Why did you fail me Google? 😦 You can basically get to the gardens by MRT by exiting from Bayfront (CE1) MRT Station. We took the shuttle service from the MRT station, which brings you to the Cloud Forest/Flower Dome area and back to the MRT entrance costed SGD2 each. You can also walk there but we were quite tired from a lot of walking. At this point, it was around 4pm and we didn’t realise that the shuttle service ended at 5.45pm so when wanted to return, we couldn’t use the shuttle service. Bummer. Anyways, behold the CLOUD FOREST!

Clockwise: The view above | View of the Supertrees | Orchids! | Lego Rafflesias

Do note that it can be quite cooling inside this dome so prepare yourself a jacket if you’re not too fond of the cold. Oh right! Since our theme for the day was Day to Night, my sister and I brought a midi skirt each along to switch our casual shorts to something a little bit more dressy.

My sister snapping a photo of the ground and me having an OOTD moment.

To my surprise, my sister is afraid of heights (especially since she actually bungy jumped with no problem) so she was constantly holding the railings and when she was taking the photo of the ground while holding the railing, I found it so funny that I had to capture this memory. Of course, so funny must take photo mah! 😛

Inside the Cloud Forest

I found the Cloud Forest very educational, it had info graphics & videos about self-sustainability at Gardens by the Bay as well as awareness for living sustainably.

Cute spot for a photo. Roar! 😛

By the way, did you know that the Cloud Forest dome has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall? The dome has a 35-metre tall mountain covered in lush vegetation shrouding the 35-metre waterfall which showcases plant life from tropical highlands up to 3,500-metres above sea level. Isn’t it amazing? Next up, the Flower Dome! This dome has tons of flowers so you’ll get to take plenty of flower photos just like we did! 😛 Hence the spam of flower photos that you’ll be seeing below. luixia-tiongbahru-fortyhands-orchardroad-hajilane-gardensbythebay-13 The Flower Dome has flowers all around the world including the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions of the world. luixia-tiongbahru-fortyhands-orchardroad-hajilane-gardensbythebay-14They also have themed Floral Displays! When we were there, the theme was Nursery Rhymes!

The Old Lady in Her Shoe

luixia-gardensbythebay-nurseryrhymes-june-01So needless to say, it was decorated with elements of Mary and Her Little Lamb, the Old Lady in Her Shoe, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Humpty Dumpty and many more!

Smelling flowers.

To be honest, the flowers from the photo above did not smell pleasant. Those flowers are only good for photos because they smell like sweat.

One of the only grand shots I got to take of the Supertrees.

It was really difficult getting a good shot with the Supertrees and we only managed to snap one whereby I had to run quite far away to get a shot at it.

Can you spot Wei Ni? | Taking photos with the camera timer switched on!

From the photos above, you can see people walking on the skyway. It costs SGD5 so we didn’t really see the point to be up there. But if you like, you can check it out. 🙂

Map of Gardens by the Bay | Wide shots of the Supertrees

I’d just like to recommend you guys to check out the Supertrees in the evening (don’t worry it’s free of charge to be around the Supertree Groves) as you can see it light up! It’s a really nice view from far and near so if you’re up for lovely night-time photos, this is the place!

Night views of Singapore

That was our day after so much walking and travelling. It was a lovely day, wasn’t raining nor was it too sunny but it was tiring. Nevertheless, we returned home to rest and be prepared for the next day to RIDE THE MOVIES at Universal Studios Singapore! See you soon on my next post where my sister and I visit Universal Studios Singapore!

Wandering Around Hotspots of Singapore